Hi, I'm Addie. I'm seventeen, a junior at an online high school, and an avid theatre nerd. I make videos online, spend too much time fangirling over books, tv shows, movies, and pretty much anything else you can think of. In short, I'm just a teenage girl - perpetually lost and consistently trying to find herself.


"I have a lot of really useful talents, but none of them are really good for this competition."

Aubrey Plaza’s acceptance speech at Young Hollywood Awards 2012 (x)


“[Once the camera stopped rolling] Lynn would constantly whisper in my ear […] how happy she was that the love of her life was carrying her around.” Sam Claflin.

how cute

“We knew Lady died and they wanted to re-home her. My mum persuaded them to let us adopt her.” [x]


Announcement: Henceforth my tumblr will be a Prince George Appreciation Blog.





I have never read a John Green novel.

But I would care a lot more about critiques of him if any of the people I’ve seen shitting on him had actually read a John Green novel either.

Or pretty much anything that has ever come out of his mouth.

It’s really disgusting that people accuse John Green, a writer with clinical depression and anxiety to the point of it being very disabling at different times of his life, as someone who might romanticize and encourage teen suicide.

As an aside, I love his self awareness about his own writing. That shit is hard to do.

On the existence of his crash course videos alone, which provide free, accessible, consistent, intersectional, and quality higher level education to anyone with an internet connection (which is a fucking revolutionary concept and execution and should not be treated lightly) I am forever a fan of this man.


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omg puppy put ur seatbelt on it’s so unsafe for ur tiny lil body to not have a seatbelt on oh ur so precious i love u





james turning down every hogsmeade invitation by telling them he’s going stag

Sirius spreading a rumour that he has a cat just so when people ask him about it he can go, “Nah, I’m a dog person.”

Peter being loud so when a teacher chews him out, he can promise to be “quiet as a mouse”

Remus turning into a fucking werewolf


Well, this was brilliant.